Virtual Vaudeville  transports you back to the nineteenth century on your PC. Watch a 3D simulation of a complete act by legendary vaudeville comedian Frank Bush and observe the reactions of the historical spectators. Take an interactive 3D tour of an extravagant Victorian theater.
Virtual Vaudeville consists of two online Shockwave applications, one featuring a series of streaming 3D computer animations and the second offering an immersive 3D experience. Both applications provide extensive historical notes and commentary.

Virtual Vaudeville is a prototype of the "Live Performance Simulation System," a fully generalizable system for simulating live performance events from any historical period. The project models a powerful new tool for teaching performance and cultural history and for scholarly research and digital publication in the arts and humanities.

Last Update: November 2005. Enhanced animation of Frank Bush act, close and medium views. Improved lighting throughout and beard and cloth in Part II (Jewish section). This short movie highlights the changes.